QMAP Colorado

We are working on keeping everyone informed on the changes happening with the QMAP program here in Colorado.

Just below you will fine links to important documents related to this. Please watch the video as well. We need your comments and questions as well. Please email the contacts in the document below and copy CALA on all your emails to the state.

Click here to download the QMAP Syllabus from the State

Click here to download Review of Syllabus from Judy Bootzin.

Click here to download Letter from Tamra Meurer

Click here to download Questions and Comments already gathered: (Note: Contact Emails are in this document).

Click here to download PDF of PowerPoint used on the conference call in the video.

For further background you can download this MP3 file from July 2010 Lunch-N-Learn Click Here for MP3 Recording

The first video below is from our Discussion Panel on June 10th, 2011. The second is from a previous conference call.

Please leave your comments below!

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