how much is the medicaid reimbursement for assisted living facilities in colorado for room and board


We are thinking about accepting medicaid for assited living residents but I can't find out how much the reimbursement is the facility each month.


The answers is that it is not enough and not a fair amount compared to what Nursing Homes receive.

It is basically $2050 per month. There may be some variations depending on which county you are in.

This is one thing that CALA is working very hard hard. As of the time of this posting (April 2011) there has been a pilot program that was passed at the capitol to look into a tiered reimbursement program for assisted living.

This pilot program if carried out would show that the state could save money by moving people from the higher cost of Nursing Homes to Assisted Living Communities.

Others states are already doing this. California and many others.

We are working with our lobbyist and our legislative committee to get this pilot program up and running so that we can prove that increasing the reimbursement to Assisted Living will save the state money.

It will also mean that those in Assisted Living will be able to make more room for those with Medicaid because of the increased amount that would be paid.

This will help to make sure Seniors can actually receive better care and a higher level of dignity than many of them are receiving today because they are stuck in Nursing Homes when they don't need to be.

If you want to be involved in our legislative committee please contact Chris Butler at


CALA Board

You can also ask questions to our Lobbyist by visiting the Ask our Assisted Living Lobbyist Question Page

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